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TheBattery can be used in several applications. TheBattery enables trading opportunities while balancing energy supply and demand in combination with renewable energy sources. TheBattery avoids significant investments in power grids and connections absorbing fluctuations in peak demands. Also TheBattery can enable autonomous electricity grids in combination with solar and/or wind energy. 

Load balancing

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As a result of the growing demand of electricity in combination with local intermittent renewable power, the grid increasingly has to facilitate fluctuating patterns. TheBattery offers solutions to stabilize the grid and limit investments in grids and grid connections, for example in combination with EV charging hubs or fast charging stations.


TheBattery enables trading on the wholesale energy trading market (e.g. imbalance settlement) and Balancing Services (e.g. frequency response). Frequency disruptions in the high-voltage grid can be stabilized. These trading options allow for significant improvements in return on investment from sustainable energy sources.

Frequency control

Due to fluctuations in peak demand, power plants need significant reserve capacity to maintain balance between energy supply and demand. TheBattery provides an alternative solution by storing energy in the batteries during periods of excess production and discharging during times of supply shortage. In this way expensive expansions can be avoided.

Back-up power

Back-up stroom

TheBattery caters the needs of companies and industries connected to an unreliable grid. TheBattery stores energy from local energy sources or from the grid, when available, and ensures continuous power supply during power outages.

Off Grid

TheBattery enables autonomous electricity grids in combination with solar or wind energy. As such TheBattery provides an alternative for new grid connections or oil-fueled generators. It delivers a reliable supply of electricity in situations without (stable) electricity grids (e.g. islands), and offers solutions for temporary locations such as festivals or construction sites.

Advantages for data centers

The data center market is surging, with a growing number of data centers that are also scaling up in terms of size. These data centers require enormous amounts of energy with high quality and reliability, and preferably coming from renewable energy sources. In this rapid roll-out, operators of data centers are increasingly facing issues with their grid connections, fir which Alfen has developed a unique solution.

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