Grid Operators

Working together on the electricity grid of the future


Alfen Elkamo closely cooperates with various grid operators to future-proof the electricity grid. By joining forces with grid operators, we develop innovative solutions.


  • Innovations to prepare the electricity grid for the future

  • More than 35 years power grid experience

  • Technology partner guarranteeing reliable grids


Toni Koski

Technical Sales Manager

+35844 788 9574

Transformer Substations


Alfen Elkamo is the key supplier of transformer substations for many grid operators. We work accross Finland and Sweden and through our parent company Alfen also cover North West Europe.

Low voltage switchgear

LV Switchboard

Low-voltage switchboards cover a wide range of switchboards for various purposes. The switchboards are suited for the demanding needs of industries, power plants, energy utilities and various buildings.


  • Transformer Substations
  • Energy Storage
  • EV Charge Points
  • LV switchgears
  • MV switchgears

Curious about what we can do for you?

Alfen Elkamo develops, manufactures and markets electricity distribution systems. For enquiries, please contact us at +358 6 788 9550 or send an e-mail

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