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Connection Tesla Superchargers





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Tesla Motors Nederland

Throughout Europe, Tesla is constructing a complete network of Superchargers to enable the owners of their electric cars to quickly recharge their batteries. As part of this project, Tesla also installed eight Superchargers in the city of Zwolle. Enabling the simultaneous charging of multiple cars, requires special solutions to provide for sufficient electric energy supply and correct distribution. This is why Alfen joined forces with Fudura, to create the connection and correct resource allocation for these Superchargers.

The solution consisted of a fully fitted compact Diabolo 40H transformer substation. This station is equipped with a medium voltage installation built by Enexis: a 1,000 kVA transformer and a low voltage distribution with descending fields. The eight Tesla Superchargers were then connected with the low voltage connection, to enable simultaneous charging for a total of eight Tesla S Model’s.