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Hoidamme pääsähkönjakelun tarpeesi ammattitaidolla ja laadukkailla tuotteilla.


Alfen Elkamolla on vuosien kokemuskiinteistö ja infra- rakentamisesta. Hoidamme pääsähkönjakelun tarpeesi ammattitaidolla ja laadukkailla tuotteilla.

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  • Kända pienjännitekeskukset

  • Tillförlitlig anslutning av generatorn


Vesa Hietala

Technical Sales Engineer

+358 44 321 9258

Horticontact 2018 - 20 t/m 22 februari, Gorinchem

Kom naar onze stand 122 tijdens de HortiContact (Tuinbouw Relatiedagen) op 20, 21 en 22 februari 2018 in Gorinchem. We laten u graag zien hoe elke configuratie maatwerk is, hoe we vooroplopen in branddetectie en hoe ons monitorsysteem het mogelijk maakt om op afstand informatie te krijgen over de belasting en de hoogte van de temperaturen van belichtingsstations. The Battery, ons geavanceerde energieopslagsysteem, biedt ook voor u grote mogelijkheden.

Pienjännitekeskus KKBL

Alfen delivers lighting stations to greenhouse horticulturists. These transformer substations are used by many large grid operators and simultaneously function as a lighting station for greenhouses.

Energy Storage

Integrating energy storage with CHP installation or solar panels significantly reduces the payback period of the investment. By storing the energy, generation and consumption are optimally balanced, while deliveries to the central grid are optimized by selling the stored energy when the highest rates are offered.

Generator Junction Boxes

The junction boxes made by Alfen create a connection between the generator and the central grid offering a high degree of continuity. These boxes also protect the CHP against peaks and switch the generator to enable it to return energy to the central grid or use it internally. A junction box ensures optimum reliability and maximizes the lifecycle of the generator.

Electricity Grids

In addition to delivering separate products for the electric infrastructure of our clients, Alfen also provides for the complete construction of privately owned high voltage grids. Choosing for Alfen means choosing for the reliability of one expert partner. Alfen delivers the transformer substations, all cables and assembles, installs and maintains the entire electric facility.

Management & Maintenance

A professional assembly of an electric facility, as well as regular maintenance, are essential to ensure the reliability of the energy supply. Alfen fully unburdens its clients when it comes to management and maintenance of medium and high voltage facilities.


  • MV switchgears (FI)

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